Web Design — What we offer

Our broad background and long-term involvement with web technologies enable us to offer our clients a comprehensive list of services. We can design and develop a new site from scratch, or re-design your existing site to give it a new look, add features, or make it more efficient.

  • Strategic consulting — integrating your web site into your business and using it to support your business goals
  • Site architecture — organizing your site's content and features to create a pleasant and effective user experience
  • Web design — graphic design and page layout that facilitates effective communication
  • Web development — page markup and programming that uses current best-practices to produce accessible, standards-compliant code for web pages that work efficiently with today's browsers
  • BigCommerce Authorized ResellereCommerce —sell your products online — we can set up simple PayPal "Buy" buttons, or a full-fledged ecommerce solution with database-driven product displays, shopping cart, credit card processing, and order handling. Udar is an authorized reseller for BigCommerce, the most robust and versitle ecommerce solution we've found. Using the BigCommerce platform, we can get your online store open for business much faster and at lower cost than a scratch-built solution, while still giving your store a unique look with custom graphics and styles.
  • Web content — we can write, edit, and format text content for your web pages (or help you to do so) as well as create graphics, photographic images, Flash animations, and more
  • Domain registration — we can register your domain name for you, and more importantly, protect it from hijacking and handle the technical details of DNS administration
  • Hosting — your server or ours — we provide web and e-mail hosting at reasonable prices, or we'll post your web site to your server
  • Installation, testing, and training — we don't just give you the finished site flies and wish you luck, we install and test the site to make sure it's working properly; and we'll train you to use any special features, such as a content management system or product database
  • Search engine optimization and submission — although we don't specialize in advanced search engine optimization, we do employ recommended best practices to make your site accessible to search engines and we normally submit sites to the major search sites.
  • Maintenance and updates — web sites need to be updated regularly with fresh content — we can handle regularly scheduled updates on a contract basis, or make individual changes on an as-needed basis
  • Client-maintained sites — one of our specialties is engineering your web site to work with some easy-to-use tools that enable you to do most routine maintenance chores yourself